[Guide] How to join Legacy Academy

Contains our server rules, guides, and tips to help new members join our community.
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Legacy Academy: Jedi Academy Roleplay
[Rules] How to Join

Legacy Academy is a serious roleplaying community set in the Star Wars Legends universe. We pride ourselves on immersion and creativity, allowing members to create and develop the environment of a Jedi's training, as well as the wider galaxy. Before joining the community, please make sure you have read 'Who Are We?' on our homepage, as well as our Code of Conduct found here on the forums. All roleplay centres around the development and training of a Jedi: in missions, the temple, and in the classroom. Your character will begin as a Hopeful, a pre-student stage where you can meet members of the temple and see what our roleplay is about.

If you are interested in joining us, follow these steps:
  1. Create a forum account with your character's name and send the following application to the Legacy Academy staff account. Character applications may only be between the ages of 9-15. Currently, our banned species are: Yoda's species, Kushiban, and all non-sentient species.

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    [u]Character Name:[/u]
    [u]Character Age:[/u]
    [u]Biography [200 words minimum]:[/u]
    [u]Previous Character Names [if applicable]:[/u]
    [u]Discord Username:[/u]
    [u]Previous RP experience:[/u] 
  2. [Download guide here]Connect to our servers and don't be shy! We have a connection guide found here, with our mod and other necessary information for download. We try to keep our initiation process short, so enjoy the life without responsibilities while it lasts.
  3. Connect to our Temple server by... TBA
  4. Once on our server, log into our guest account.

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  5. Using console, type "/createcharacter <your character's name without a space>".